Our News Will Help Satisfy That Curiosity That is Welling Up Inside You

Us humans all like different things, we all know that. Some of us like sports, while some of us detest it. Some of are interested in politics, while some of us start zoning out as soon as the anything political pops up into a conversation. However, there is one thing that we all like to do and that is watching or reading the news.

We Humans Are Curious Beings

Us humans are a curious lot and often it is the minor things in our lives that pique our interest. For instance, our curiosity will have us reading about the lives of celebrities that we will never meet (or really care about if we are being perfectly honest). Or, our curiosity will have us reading about topics that we will never have much use for or reading about far flung places that we know we will never have the pleasure of visiting. We just love to have answers, even if there is no true benefit of knowing those answers.

From an evolution perspective, this seems to be a bit of an anomaly. When scientists talk about evolution, they like to mention survival of the fittest – but how does spending time reading about inane things fall into this? Surely evolution should have selected a species that could be more focused.

Well not really, because our curiosity is something that we should embrace. At times it might seem that we are just wasting our time, but our brains know that something that we learnt by chance one day could be extremely useful later on in life. Some might say that it is best if we already know what we need to know and just concentrate on that, but we cannot predict what will come of use in the future. This is a blessing because otherwise we would probably be one of the most boing species on the planet – a species that never wanted to try something new.

Evolution has made us the best learning machines on the planet and the best learning machines need to be oiled with a healthy dose of curiosity so we can take full advantage of the learning capacity that we have.

We Will Help You to Satisfy Your Curiosity

If you want to be able to regularly satisfy your curiosity, then you need to stick with us as we are a news site that talks about everything and anything. Whether it is sports, science, new technology, celebrities or politics, you can be sure to find it here. Our news will go a long way to satisfying that curiosity inside you.

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Last modified: 4 March 2021